Maria Helena: Macau’s Restaurants are in Adequate Demand


The government organised a committee to give suggestions for applying the “Gourmet Capital” to promote Macau’s special delicacies

Source: Macau Daily News

Wednesday, 5th April, 2017

Chan Meng Kam suggested to create a delicacy street

Maria Helena: Macau’s delicacy premises are in adequate demand 

Macau is applying to become the “Gourmet Capital.” In response to a written request raised by City Councilor Chan Meng Kam, the Director of Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO), Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes noted that the Council has set up “Macao Urban Upgrading Committee” which includes different government departments, academic institutions, catering industry associations and organizational representatives to forward advice and suggestions to construct Macau as a “Gourmet Capital” through industry cooperation and effective use of resources.

Promote Macau’s innovative delicacies

Maria Helena stated that the committee will discuss and study various feasibility programs, policies and measures related to heritage, creativity and exchange of projects to promote the development of Macau delicacies. The committee encourages valuable advices from catering industry and improves the training and facilities for applying “Gourmet Capital” by referring to experience of neighbouring areas.

Maria Helena did not directly refuse on Chan Meng Kam’s proposal to take the opportunity to construct a local gourmet street in the course of applying “Gourmet Capital,” but she noted that there are already 2,284 restaurants in operation within a total area of 30 square kilometers of Macau. Every place has its own characteristics. Many restaurants start to open business early in the morning, but some also open late into the night, and some even open around the clock to provide local food and beverage services for the needy residents and tourists. She believes that the current Macau catering facilities are adequate to meet the needs of residents and visitors.

Continued measures to support old shops


Maria Helena mentioned that the government will continue to support the development of SMEs, including traditional restaurants and stores, and will also introduce other appropriate supportive measures in response to socio-economic development and business environment changes. In alleviating the pressure on SME manpower, the Labour Affairs Bureau has actively matched up suitable local job seekers for SMEs and set up an online recruitment service platform to reduce manpower and time investment. Meanwhile, the government will continue to strengthen communication and cooperation with community partners, including business organizations, professional institutions, academic institutions by organizing training programmes. Therein, most of them are coordinated with the needs of SMEs, allowing SME employers and employees to raise their skill level or management capability through continuous education in order to enhance the operating competitiveness of SMEs.


In response to human resources demands of SMEs, in particularly considering the development needs of some traditional old shops, restaurants, emerging industries, cultural and traditional Chinese medicines while without jeopardizing the employment and labour right of local, the Labour Affairs Bureau has been improving the applications process for foreign workers and license renewal. The application for license renewal before the expiry date has been shortened to three months as compared to the previous four to five months, and approval is made within one month after collecting the necessary documents.

Star tour has promising result

In addition, since the introduction of “Quality Tourism Services Accreditation Scheme” in 2014, 210 restaurants have won the reward. MGTO has also extended this scheme to the tourism community sector last year. A total of 28 restaurants have been awarded out of a quota of 30 applications.

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