For Catering Inustry, Service Should be More Emphasized

Source: Macau Daily News

Wednesday, 5th April, 2017

In addition to traditional tourist attractions, gourmet have gradually become the aim of travel. Taiwan’s night market have attracted many to visit; Thai food also attracts many tourists to learn cooking. Macau is preparing the application of Gourmet Capital. If successful, it can become another key element in Macau as the world tourism and leisure center.


Some has said Macau is lack of a gourmet street which are not justify to apply for the Gourmet Capital. In fact this is not true. With the size a bit over 30 square kilometers, there are more than 2000 restaurants in Macau. Restaurants offering wide range of cuisine including Chinese, Western, Japanese, Korean, and Thai. Casinos operate 24 hours a day, and some restaurants are available around the clock. In addition, food court in some casinos even offering authentic cuisine. Lao Hon, Rua da Casa Forte, Complexo Municipal do Mercado de Tamagini Barbosa targeted the general public and have become another tourist attractions.


If Macau wants to apply for the “Gourmet Capital” in the Creative Cities Network under the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO), the government must figure out the different between neighbouring cities. Due to Macau’s unique historical environment and geography, it has become the melting pot of Eastern and Western characteristics. This has given birth to Macau’s unique gourmet culture.


In the past, the Portuguese traveled far across the oceans from Portugal by ships and arrived Macau after visiting Africa and other West Coast regions through India and Malacca The "Macanese food" of Macau is based on Portuguese cooking skills combined with features in China, Africa, India, Malaysia to unique dishes such as minced, African chicken and Portuguese chicken.


“Immigrant History” is the foundation of the unique Macanese food and Southeast Asian food. There are many overseas Chinese from Myanmar, Thailand, and Indonesia offering exotic flavors in Rot Carlos Maia Area such as fish soup powder, coconut chicken noodles, pig brain noodles, which is most appetizing. Macau’s authentic delicacies also includes Portuguese egg tarts and pork chop buns.


With the establishment of the special committee, the preparation work for the application of “Gourmet Capital” has begun. The government is constructing the gourmet website striving to receive the support of cities which are also Gourmet Capital. The government confident about the application and Macau can become a successful application which can further strengthen the positioning as the world tourism city.


What is worth mentioning is that in additional to provide local delicacies, the service quality of the catering industry must also be improved as it is the key element of a Gourmet Capital.  As Macau being limited by human resources and rental issues, there is a room of improvement in the service quality of catering industry. In particular, the few which charge exorbitant fees, take advantage of customers, and/or provide poor service attitude have created many negative influences. The government need to introduce stronger regulations and try to improve the catering industry by providing extra support. 

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