Seasonal Food Ingredients Seminar

Source: San Leong Pou de Macau dated 11 September, 2016


The “Seasonal Food Ingredients” seminar organized by the United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macau started at 3:00pm on 9 September at Macau Institute of Management. Lecturer Law Kam Kun, with 40 years experience in the catering industry, gave a seminar to the participants of food and beverage practitioners, purchasers, chefs and proprietors. The seminar included the supply and demand of various seasonal food, different foods combination and introduction of seasonal and festive dishes. The lecture hall had already packed before the seminar had begun. Through tremendous photos and powerpoint, Mr. Law introduced different seasonal food around the world. The contents were very constructive and informative. During the lecture, Mr Law also mentioned some taboos of menu and waiters. He also showed his collection of nostalgic menu. All participants have benefited from the seminar.

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