IACM Organised Seminor on Food and Beverage License Application


IACM briefed the licensing service on food and beverage business

Source: Macau Daily News

Tuesday, 4th April, 2017

IACM organised seminars on food and beverage license application 

IACM News - To enhance the understanding of application procedures on food/beverage licenses, the Official Provisional Municipal Council of Macau held a seminar on “Comprehensive License Application Guide for Food/Beverage Business”. Relevant departments were invited to introduce the details of the licensing system, relevant procedures and document required. Reminder was made for the industry to strengthen the supervision on premise facilities as not to affect the license approval time.

Strengthening the promotion of licensing awareness

Held at 3:00pm March 28 at IACM Activity Centre, the seminar attracted a total of 75 industry practitioners. In addition to the common issues of licensing procedures briefed by the licensing responsible department of IACM, the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau, Fire Services Department, Health Bureau, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Labor Affairs Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau, Macau Government Tourism Office and other departments were also invited to address the various criteria and common requirements in licensing procedures. Such as: certain compliance specifications if the attic is used as a customer area or kitchen; prohibition to use the public area of a building; applicant should ascertain that the restaurant has no unauthorized structures, or else they need to be applied for clearance by the authority or face prosecution; the fire control system design must be consistent with the premise layout; ventilation, waste water and other facilities should meet with certain requirements to avoid gas poisoning accident; ascertain that the environmental health, mechanical and cooking facilities should comply with standards and normal operation, and abide by the existing laws and regulations, etc. A Q&A session was conducted after the seminar, along with sharing ideas with the speakers on issues encountered by applicants in the process of license applying. The atmosphere was warm and enthusiastic.

The food and beverage licensing is the major task for IACM, and it is also committed to enhancing the transparency of the work. A cross-section briefing is held every March and September to improve the licensing awareness. The purpose is to allow applicants to fully understand the license application requirements to avoid any reapplications or amendments in order to shorten application time.

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