The United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macau Elected the New Management



The 2017 General Assembly of the United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macau was held at the Federal Restaurant on March 2. Hosted by President Chan Chak Mo, Chairman Li Ru Yung, Chief Supervisor Feng Kam Hung and Finance Department Leong Wen Yin briefed on general affairs, board of supervisors, and finance conditions. More than 400 members and authorized representatives attended the assembly to elect the 26th Chairman Team, and the board of supervisor management team. Chan Chak Mo was reappointed as the President, Li Ru Yung reappointed as Chairman, and Feng Kam Hung reappointed as Chief Supervisor. The meeting also approved a number of reports and documents.


Mr Chan Chak Mo noted that as Macau economy has gradually stepped out of the adjustment period over the past year. He hoped all members should continue to improve their competitiveness for potential business and challenges in the coming years. With regard to general affairs, he would continue to promote the development of UAFBMM and the catering industry. The continuous improvement of the “A Centre, A Platform” in the coming years. UAFBMM will continue to introduce various programmes such as continue to organize food festival, on-the-job training, coordination of labour relations, fight for the rights and interests of catering industry, promotion of quality services, participation in exhibition projects, and the new round of "Funding Scheme For SME Old Diners ". With the support of members and industry practitioners, there can be an uplifting development of UAFBMM.

The new management of Vice President list, in addition to the reappointed Lei Shek Chok, Lei Kuan Kong, Lam Gen, Yep Shao Men, Luo Cheong Quan and Wong Yok Li; Ma Zhi Shen, Ho King Ling and Li Chok Kun are the newly added members.

Banquet was served for members after the meeting. Members and industry practitioners can share their ideas with each other.

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