2016 Tourism Seminar – “Visiting Macau & Learn to Cook Chinese & Portuguese Cuisines from Chefs”


To promote the tourism industry, the 2016 Tourism Seminar – “Visiting Macau & Learn to Cook Chinese & Portuguese Cuisines from Chefs” organized by the United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macau was held on April 20 (Wednesday). Besides visiting Macau Museum, the tour also invited the Chinese Cuisine Chef Wu Man Wai and Western Cuisine Chef Wong Zhen Cheong to demonstrate Chinese and Portuguese cuisine preparation methods to participants. Nearly 170 catering practitioners and the public participated in this tour.    

Participants gathered at the entrance of Plaza Restaurant at 9:30 and headed towards Macau Museum. The event was welcomed by the Macau Museum tour guide, allowing participants to learn more about the history of Macau and the development of multiculturalism. Photos were taken in front of the museum (besides the big cannon). The seminar and lunch took place at Plaza Restaurant at the same time, greeted by a welcoming speech from the Chairman Li Ru Yung of UAFBMM. Both chefs showed how to cook (1) fresh squid with shrimp paste and tung choi and (1) baked Portuguese chicken and (2) beef stomach stewed with chickpea. Lunch was served along with a Q&A game.

Participants were very impressed by the Macau Museum and onsite teaching of Chinese and Portuguese cuisines. UAFBMM hoped to improve the understanding and culture of local cuisine of catering practitioners and the public. The purposes of the event are to achieve “everyone is a tourist ambassador of Macau,” and support the development of Macau’s Chinese and Portuguese catering culture, and promote the development of local tourism and catering culture.



Chinese Cuisine Chef Wu Men Wei: World Association of Chinese Cuisine
                                                          The 1st International Youth Chinese Chef Competition - Bronze Award

Western Cuisine Chef Wong Zhen Cheong: 2007 to 2014 Institute for Tourism Studies
                                                                      Junior Chef Approved Benchmark Examiner
                                                                      Golden Brooch Award Examiner

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