The United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macau: 70% of Catering Owners will not Increase Investment

Source: Macau Daily News

Wednesday, 23rd February, 2017

Manpower & general business economic performance put pressure on business performance

The United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macau: 70% of catering owners will not increase investment

According to Chairman Li Ru Yung of the United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macau, the Association conducted a questionnaire on industry development in early February. Only 12% of owners indicated that they would increase their investment in 2017, and the proportion of “no” is as high as 70%. Inadequate manpower, rising costs, business environment and other factors have put pressure on the development of catering industry.

The catering owners are facing four major pressures: manpower shortages, declining revenues, rising costs, and business environment. Li Ro Yung suggests the government should adopt the following measures:

1.Continue improving the business environment. The establishment of operating laws and regulations for the catering industry should cope with Macau’s actual conditions, and should communicate and consult with the industry. Beside speed up the application procedures for catering licenses, government should simplify the procedures of maintenance of designed and external advertising signs to enrich dining experience. The “Labor Relations Act” should balance the interests of employers and employees. Intensifying the media propagation, set up a consultation hotline and organize more relevant seminars to allowing the industry to understand mroe about the relevant laws and regulations.

2.Promote the community economic development. A proposal to reserve more land and rent concessions for SMEs. Preserving old restaurants with community characteristics and extending the fundamental existing tourism and festive activity to different communities. Solving the traffic problems by more obvious road signs, reducing the ongoing road repair, and increasing parking space. Promote online promotion platform to advocate and expand Wifi coverage throughout Macau.

Import foreign workers to fill up job vacancies

3.Increase both quality and quantity of human resource supply. Introduce a management bachelor programme for senior management in catering industry.  Allocate more resources to vocational schools offering training for young talents and catering and customer service practitioners. Implementing more flexible policy for import foreign workers to fill up job vacancies with priority on hiring local labours.

4. Enhance the industry competitiveness. Government can provide resources for the industry to improve market competitiveness through technology advancement, foreign exchange expeditions, and participation in training and seminars.

5. Speed up the application of “Gourmet Capital” to attract more tourists from various countries and consumption powers.

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